Science: Talking about some challenges

When Röerich Institute called me to attend a round table on science, art and spirituality based on studies of Agni Yoga, I have imagined that the right thing to talk would be a presentation of my practical proposition to optimize the ethical development of Science.

I start my address, by talking about a big challenge we find every day when we are working with scientific studies.

Researchers cannot choose their own way of research, because they only get sponsors if their studies point to financial gain.

Does not matter if the study points do save people from difficulties and disabilities, like autism, Down syndrome and other disorders.

This bad way of sponsoring science researches has terrible consequences all around the world, like abandoned children and teens with their cognitive difficulties and disabilities, simply because there is no interest at all in conducting serious research to solve their problems.

We can see science is losing crucial time!

If we go ahead forgetting those children with neuropsychiatric difficulties, we will be cooperating to destruct what we still have of humanity and happiness.

Can we change these scientists’ minds? Can interfere with the way of getting research funding?

If the answer is yes, do so.

If the answer is no, we need start educating and training people to start a new way of thinking.

This is the ethical way, this is the full responsible way, this will be thinking for the sake of others.

Can we do this with adults? It would be too much difficult! We have to start this with children and teens!

What is the best way to achieve children and teens? Would be only by teaching them about ethics, moral, responsibility?

Although we need teach them all of this, we all know general media is educating them the other way instead.

Moreover, we already know the power of the media inside children and teens way of thinking!

We need new ways to reach them.

My proposal is not a theoretical proposal, because I am still using it.

It starts by stimulating teachers to use all their creativity in order to develop strategies during their lessons time, not to teach the trues we need the students to learn, but stimulating them to look for these answers. They have to be sure they are achieving their own answers.

The most important point of these strategies is to dissimulate that we are pointing the way they should go, the way they should research and the answers they will get.

Children and teens will be very happy when see they are able to find their own answers, and they have to be sure we are only helping them when they need.

We all know it is not easy to change something from the mind of children and adolescents today.

So, let us list a few items:

  1. We have to stimulate their curiosity
  2. We have to be sure we are allowing and encouraging their creativity
  3. We have to recognize and praise their results stimulating them to go ahead

To assure we will have good results with all children, it will be very important to develop their brains, mainly boy’s brains, because of their small developing of their right side, the emotional one.

What does this preparation mean? We have to start harmony recovering of their brains functioning.

The masculine way of developing the mind put more work on the left side brain, the logic part of it.

The feminine way of developing is much more harmonic, developing both sides at the same time.

The result of it is that boys do not have a global way of thinking, but a logic way. In addition, they have less humanity feelings than the girl does.

We have to change this!

As we have no time enough to explain how we are doing all of this, as my time is running out in 1 minute and twelve seconds, I give, as an example, one exercise we are doing:

Put boys to look the form, to study the names and smell a certain number of flowers disposed in front of them.

After this, we put blindfolds on them and ask each one to identify, by the smell, each one of the flowers.

Boys will develop their right side brain, starting a new concept of thinking in this competitive game.

We have quite a lot of experiences we are doing, some in order to develop the feminine way of thinking and some in order to develop the cognitive ability itself.

I am ready to help if you have any questions.

Thank you!